Simulation And Other Facilities To Learn Statistics

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Simulation And Other Facilities To Learn Statistics
For several years, some teachers of the Statistics' Department at the University of Cordoba, with some last course of technical Industrial Engineering in Computer science pupils' support, we have developed software to help the teaching and complementary didactic material for the elementary statistics pupils. The software consists of Java applets in that bring some habitual concepts over in a Statistics basic course. Many of the mathematical statistics theorems need a deep comprehension, use of mathematical analysis and workmanship on probabilities' calculus that the Biological or Environmental Sciences degree's initial courses pupils habitually does not possess, from what some results must be believed without comprehension. With these materials we tries to give a vision more friendly and easier to understand about some statistical concepts, by means of Java applets executed on line in graphic, interactive and dynamic environments. In this poster there is described ...
José Diz Pérez, Manuel Jurado Bello
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors José Diz Pérez, Manuel Jurado Bello
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