Simulation of Bulk Flow and High Speed Operations

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Simulation of Bulk Flow and High Speed Operations
Simulation modeling can be highly effective for solving problems found in the food, beverage, consumer products, and pharmaceutical industries. The flow of material or fluid in these industries is often described as bulk flow, continuous, semi-continuous, or high-speed. Traditional discrete event modeling tools do not speak well to these industries, because they are focused on the pieces/parts paradigm. The nature of bulk or fluid manufacturing problems calls for a unique simulation architecture that is adaptable to many different applications. SDI Industry is a simulation tool which is built on top of the popular Extend + Manufacturing™ simulation application, and it provides a unique architecture and approach for modeling bulk, continuous, batch, and high speed operations. SDI Industry is used to evaluate scheduling strategies and plant configurations, find bottlenecks and improve throughput. Simulations of continuous, batch and high speed processes can incorporate dynamics like c...
Andrew J. Siprelle, Richard A. Phelps
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where WSC
Authors Andrew J. Siprelle, Richard A. Phelps
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