Simulation in software engineering training

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Simulation in software engineering training
Simulation is frequently used for training in many application areas like aviation and economics, but not in software engineering. We present the SESAM project which focuses on software engineering education using simulation. In the SESAM project a simulator was developed. Using this simulator, a student can take the role of a software project manager. The simulated software project can be finished within a couple of hours because it is simulated in "quick-motion" mode. In this paper, the background and goals of the SESAM project are presented. A new simulation model, the so called QA model, is introduced. The model behavior is demonstrated by investigating and comparing different strategies for software development. The results of experiments based on the QA model are reported. Finally, conclusions are drawn from the experiments and future work is outlined. Keywords Software Engineering Education, Simulation, Training, Experiment, Quality Assurance, Software Process Modelin...
Anke Drappa, Jochen Ludewig
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where ICSE
Authors Anke Drappa, Jochen Ludewig
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