Single Camera Stereo using Planar Parallel Plate

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Single Camera Stereo using Planar Parallel Plate
A system of using a planar parallel plate to achieve single camera stereo has been proposed by Nishimoto and Shirai[5].Their work was based on an assumption that the optical axis of the camera was equally displaced by a tilted planar plate with two fixed tilt angles. Such assumption is invalid in general. In this paper, we propose a general framework to more accurately model such a single camera system using a planar parallel plate and to deal with arbitrary orientation of the plate. Our model has no limitation on the FOV of the camera. The proposed framework includes: a mathematical formulation to calculate the displacement of scene points; a plate calibration method to determine the plate intrinsic parameters as well as its extrinsic pose, and a generalized correspondence method which is capable of dealing with arbitrary number of images captured from different plate poses; Experimental result is included to validate the proposed framework. .
Chunyu Gao, Narendra Ahuja
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Updated 09 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ICPR
Authors Chunyu Gao, Narendra Ahuja
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