Single View Metrology

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Single View Metrology
We describe how 3D affine measurements may be computed from a single perspective view of a scene given only minimal geometric information determined from the image. This minimal information is typically the vanishing line of a reference plane, and a vanishing point for a direction not parallel to the plane. It is shown that affine scene structure may then be determined from the image, without knowledge of the camera's internal calibration (e.g. focal length), nor of the explicit relation between camera and world (pose). In particular, we show how to (i) compute the distance between planes parallel to the reference plane (up to a common scale factor); (ii) compute area and length ratios on any plane parallel to the reference plane; (iii) determine the camera's (viewer's) location. Simple geometric derivations are given for these results. We also develop an algebraic representation which unifies the three types of measurement and, amongst other advantages, permits a first...
Antonio Criminisi, Ian D. Reid, Andrew Zisserman
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Updated 31 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 1999
Where ICCV
Authors Antonio Criminisi, Ian D. Reid, Andrew Zisserman
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