Situating culture in the global information sector

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Situating culture in the global information sector
Presents a theoretical approach to understanding the local culture of firms in the multinational information sector. Called situating culture, this approach holds that cultural understanding is locally situated, behavioral and embedded in everyday, socially negotiated work practices. The application of this theory is provided through cases from the workplace cultures of US multinational IT firms operating in Ireland. These examples show how the local culture of a global IT firm represents the interaction of industry, corporate and national contexts. It results in locally situated work practices and distinct socially negotiated realities that ultimately impact behavior in these settings. The theoretical approach of situating culture contributes to a better understanding of contextualism in the cross-cultural IT environment. This understanding, in turn, has implications for future cross-cultural IS research as well as for cross-cultural IT practice.
Judith Y. Weisinger, Eileen M. Trauth
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Updated 22 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where ITP
Authors Judith Y. Weisinger, Eileen M. Trauth
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