Size Separation Spatial Join

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Size Separation Spatial Join
The Partitioned Based Spatial-Merge Join (PBSM) of Patel and DeWitt and the Size Separation Spatial Join (S3 J) of Koudas and Sevcik are considered to be among the most efficient methods for processing spatial (intersection) joins on two or more spatial relations. Both methods do not assume the presence of pre-existing spatial indices on the relations. In this paper, we propose several improvements of these join algorithms. In particular, we deal with the impact of data redundancy and duplicate detection on the performance of theses methods. For PBSM, we present a simple and inexpensive on-line method to detect duplicates in the response set. There is no need anymore for eliminating duplicates in a final sorting phase as it has been suggested originally. We also investigate in this paper the impact of different internal algorithms on the total runtime of PBSM. For S3 J, we break with the original design goal and introduce controlled redundancy of data objects. Results of a large set o...
Nick Koudas, Kenneth C. Sevcik
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Nick Koudas, Kenneth C. Sevcik
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