SLP-based service management for dynamic ad-hoc networks

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SLP-based service management for dynamic ad-hoc networks
The need for an efficient service management system in an ad-hoc network is obvious. Mobile nodes – and with them the services they provide – frequently enter and leave the network, imposing comparatively high dynamics that have to be considered for the design of communication protocols on nearly any network layer. In this paper we propose an ad-hoc service management system based on the Service Location Protocol (SLP) that not only allows the user to discover appropriate service providers, but also keeps him informed about the existence and the properties of alternative providers. With this information the user application is able to prepare and conduct service handovers in case of network or device failures. Moreover, it becomes possible to change to a more convenient provider when one becomes available. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.2.1 [Network Architecture and Design]: Wireless communication—Ad-hoc Networks; C.2.2 [Network Protocols]: Applications—Service Managemen...
Stefan Penz
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Year 2005
Authors Stefan Penz
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