Smart Indicators on Learning Interactions

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Smart Indicators on Learning Interactions
Indicators help actors to organise, orientate and navigate through complex environments by providing contextual information relevant for the performance of learning tasks. In this article we analyse the requirements, present a model and an initial prototype of a software system that uses smart indicators to support learners to be more engaged in the learning process. We argue that indicators need adaptation as learners develop on their learning paths in order to support interactions throughout the learning process. We use the learning interaction cycle of Garries, Ahlers and Driskel as the underlying model and architecture to describe the interaction between a learner and a learning environment. We tested the technical feasibility of the architecture by implementing a prototype. This prototype is critically reflected on the technical and educational concepts that were implemented. We conclude this article by giving an outlook on our future research, in which we evaluate the model by ap...
Christian Glahn, Marcus Specht, Rob Koper
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Christian Glahn, Marcus Specht, Rob Koper
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