Smart Objects for Intelligent Applications - ADK

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Smart Objects for Intelligent Applications - ADK
SOFIA (Artemis project: focuses on answering the challenge of creating smart environments and its goal is to make information that resides in the physical world available to current software services. This paper presents an open innovation platform for ambient intelligence applications including architecture, software engineering as well as an application development kit. Both, processing and implementation technologies have matured to such a level that using embedded technologies is beginning to make sense. It is therefore possible to begin to develop the concept of smart spaces, which have been investigated so extensively in the areas of Ubiquitous Computing, Ambient Intelligence and the Internet of the Future. This paper´s core is based on how SOFIA has modeled its different domains and how software engineering together with the development environment will solve the development cycle of an intelligent application, starting from its semantic model to i...
Jesus Fernandez Gomez-Pimpollo, Raul Otaolea
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Updated 31 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where VL
Authors Jesus Fernandez Gomez-Pimpollo, Raul Otaolea
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