Smooth transitions in texture-based simplification

10 years 11 months ago
Smooth transitions in texture-based simplification
We are investigating techniques for providing smooth transitions when simplifying large, static geometric models with texture-based representations (or impostors). Traditionally, textures have been used to replace complex geometry, for example the books on a shelf or the complex foliage on a tree. Using textures in a more general manner is a relatively new area of research. The key idea is that 2D image textures can be used to temporarily represent 3D geometry. Rendering speed is increased if a replacement texture can be used for several frames, since textures can be rendered quickly and independently of model complexity. Because a texture is only correct from a single viewpoint, visual discontinuities, such as misalignment with adjacent geometry, begin to appear as the texture is used from other viewpoints. Previous approaches have controlled these errors by re-rendering the textures often or providing a large set of precomputed textures. We have improved upon these methods by develo...
Daniel G. Aliaga, Anselmo Lastra
Added 21 Dec 2010
Updated 21 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 1998
Where CG
Authors Daniel G. Aliaga, Anselmo Lastra
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