SMOS L1 algorithms

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SMOS L1 algorithms
The Level 1 Processing of SMOS transforms the data acquired by MIRAS (Microwave Imaging Radiometer with Aperture Synthesis) into geolocated TOA Brightness Temperatures, providing observation angles and additional parameters for the Level 2 Processor. Prior to SMOS launch in November 2009 the Level 1 Prototype Processor (L1PP) lead the way for specifying product types and contents, as well as to define, implement and validate all processing algorithms. During the six months of Commissioning, L1PP continued to be the testing environment for all new algorithms and proposed modifications to the Level 1 products. Particular emphasis should be given to L1PP's capability to produce the first image from SMOS. Within less than three hours after the data acquisition at ESAC, L1PP generated images. L1PP has also been tuned to identify unforeseen hardware problems that have been spotted only with the satellite in-orbit. This paper is divided in 3 sections: I) a high level description of the ...
Antonio Gutierrez, Jose Barbosa, Nuno Catarino, Ri
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Antonio Gutierrez, Jose Barbosa, Nuno Catarino, Rita Castro, Sofia Freitas, Bruno Lucas, Henrique Candeias, Jose Freitas, Marco Ventura, Michele Zundo
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