SNARE: sensor node attached reputation evaluator

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SNARE: sensor node attached reputation evaluator
Secure routing in wireless sensor networks (WSN) is a crucial problem that has drawn the attention of researchers. The motivation for tackling this problem comes directly from the highly constrained nature of WSN and its easy exposure to insecure conditions. Many solutions to provide security at the network layer have been proposed. The common approach, however, was to adopt a crypto-based solution. This type of solutions can successfully provide a guarantee for data confidentiality as a security service in the routing operation. However, they are not able to ensure data delivery service in which the routing operation is affected by nodes behavior in the network. In this work, we adopt another promising approach, i.e. reputation-based solution. This methodology has not been studied in depth as an appropriate solution for providing security services for routing operation in WSN. Although reputation-based solutions exist for MANET, we believe that our proposed solution is more suited fo...
Ismat K. Maarouf, A. R. Naseer
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Updated 13 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Ismat K. Maarouf, A. R. Naseer
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