Social Aspects of Web Page Contents

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Social Aspects of Web Page Contents
In this paper we try to consider a Web page as information with social aspects. Each Web page is the result of invisible social interaction. This interaction between different groups of people translates into a certain unification of Web page creation. External signs of this unification are the features of the Web page, that meets the user’s expectations. Through analysis of the features, we can obtain information that can simply describe the Web page. This simple description contains strong information about the social group the page is intended for. If the user uses this information to refine the search, then he identifies himself as a member of a certain social group. For the description of the social aspects of Web pages we use the term MicroGenre. This paper describes the fundamental concepts of MicroGenre and also illustrate experiments for the detection and usage of MicroGenres.
Milos Kudelka, Václav Snásel, Zdenek
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Milos Kudelka, Václav Snásel, Zdenek Horak, Ajith Abraham
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