The Social Dimensions of the Security of Internet banking

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The Social Dimensions of the Security of Internet banking
This paper examines the users' perspective on the security of Internet banking in Australia within the social context. This user-centered design approach supplements the technological and industrial approaches to security. The user-centered research on banking was conducted at the Royal Melbourne University of Technology University and Griffith University, both of which are part of the Smart Internet Technology Cooperative Research Centre. We conclude that the most effective way to increase the perception of Internet banking security is to increase ease of use, convenience, personalisation and trust. Without the perception of security, there will be little trust in banking and transactions on the Internet. This will impede the use of Internet banking and e-commerce which are increasingly important aspects of the nation's critical infrastructure. Key words: Internet banking, security, users' perspective, trust, privacy
Supriya Singh
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Year 2006
Authors Supriya Singh
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