Socially distributed perception

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Socially distributed perception
This paper presents a robot search task (social tag) that uses social interaction, in the form of asking for help, as an integral component of task completion. We define socially distributed perception as a robot’s ability to augment its limited sensory capacities through social interaction. We review previous work in robots that are helped by humans, social situatedness, and socially distributed cognition. We discuss the task of social tag and its implementation on GRACE for the AAAI 2005 Robot Exhibition. We then present observations and results that suggest that we were successful in promoting a form of social interaction that allowed people to help the robot achieve its goal. Finally, we discuss the implications of this design approach for effective and compelling human-robot interaction. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.2.9 [Artificial Intelligence]: Robotics—Operator interfaces, Sensors; K.4.0 [Computers and Society]: General General Terms Design, Human Factors Keywor...
Marek P. Michalowski, Carl F. DiSalvo, Dída
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where HRI
Authors Marek P. Michalowski, Carl F. DiSalvo, Dídac Busquets, Laura M. Hiatt, Nik A. Melchior, Reid G. Simmons, Selma Sabanovic
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