Soft Handover in Terrestrial Broadcast Networks

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Soft Handover in Terrestrial Broadcast Networks
The 3rd generation mobile cellular communication systems will provide highcapacity bandwidth, enabling rich media and even TV services to be accessible via mobile handheld devices. For the reception of such services, seamless mobility is a must rather than an option. Alternatively, Digital Television standards, particularly data broadcasting in Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T), can be used for the delivery and reception of similar services. However, the current DVB-T standard lacks adequate methods that enable seamless mobility. In cellular delivery systems, this can be achieved by so-called soft handovers. Time Slicing is a recent enhancement proposed for the new – still being developed – Digital Video Broadcasting for Handheld (DVB-H) standard, which together with DVB-T enables a feasible solution for soft handover to be implemented. This paper considers how Time Slicing can be utilized in implementing soft handover in a DVB-H receiver. An algorithm for soft handov...
Jani Väre, Matti Puputti
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where MDM
Authors Jani Väre, Matti Puputti
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