Software That Can Think and Do

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Software That Can Think and Do
Rapid advances in research and technology now allow data analysis and modeling of extremely complex systems. Methods from artificial intelligence (AI) such as Neural Networks have been explored to determine how they apply to systems management. 1 Our goal here is simply to "go the next step" - from analysis to action. We believe that software systems can now be automated to o analyze measurements being generated by a complex system in real time, o automatically model its different facets, and then o initiate actions automatically to maintain effective service time and resource utilization. Such automation and control is being driven by the demand for enterprise-wide information integration and the need to accelerate development and deployment of complex eApplications. Thus, by combining emerging technologies from AI with performance measurement and workload modeling, we believe that data centers can begin to enjoy a new level of availability and guaranteed service-levels. Th...
Bernard Domanski
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Year 2001
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