Solving Complex Problems Efficiently with Adaptive Automata

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Solving Complex Problems Efficiently with Adaptive Automata
- Adaptive technologies are based on the self-modifying property of some systems, which give their users a very powerful and convenient facility for expressing and handling complex problems. In order to accomplish self-modification, systems must be instructed on what exactly to modify, the correct place such an alteration is expected to occur and when adaptive actions have to take place. Therefore, one may turn a rule-based classic formalism into a corresponding adaptive one by allowing adaptive actions to be attached to its rules. In this paper we focus our attention on adaptive automata, an adaptive formalism based on structured pushdown automata whose transitions are allowed to hold adaptive actions responsible for selfmodification activities. Then, we show adaptive automata-based solutions to several significant problems, and sketch performance comparisons to traditional solutions.
João José Neto
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Year 2000
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Authors João José Neto
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