Some Observations on Holographic Algorithms

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Some Observations on Holographic Algorithms
Abstract. We define the notion of diversity for families of finite functions, and express the limitations of a simple class of holographic algorithms in terms of limitations on diversity. We go on to describe polynomial time holographic algorithms for computing the parity of the following quantities for degree three planar undirected graphs: the number of 3-colorings up to permutation of colors, the number of connected vertex covers, and the number of induced forests or feedback vertex sets. In each case the parity can be computed for any slice of the problem, in particular for colorings where the first color is used a certain number of times, or where the connected vertex cover, feedback set or induced forest has a certain number of nodes. These holographic algorithms use bases of three components, rather than two.
Leslie G. Valiant
Added 18 May 2010
Updated 18 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Leslie G. Valiant
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