Source Conflicts in Bayesian Identification

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Source Conflicts in Bayesian Identification
: In Bayesian identification an ID source is in conflict with the other ID sources, if both provide substantially different, reliable information on a tracked object. After discussing some general aspects of source conflicts and introducing two established conflict-definition approaches, it is denoted that these approaches each show a counterintuitive effect. By applying a conflict definition from the theory of Bayesian networks, the Coherence Approach and as refinement the Extended Coherence Approach are proposed. In an experimental evaluation, all approaches are compared with each other and with the expert's intuitive understanding of source conflicts. 1 Bayesian Identification Identification of a tracked object is the characterization by assignment of an identity (ID). This identity describes object features, e.g., allegiance or intent, necessary to know in performing military missions. The standard identities Friend, Assumed Friend, Neutral, Suspect, Hostile, and Unknown are o...
Max Krüger, David Hirschhäuser
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Type Journal
Year 2009
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Authors Max Krüger, David Hirschhäuser
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