Source Level Static Branch Prediction

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Source Level Static Branch Prediction
The ability to predict the directions of branches, especially conditional branches, is an important problem in modern computer architecture and advanced compilers. Many static and dynamic techniques have been proposed. Today, all state-of-the-art microprocessors have some form of hardware support for dynamic branch prediction. Static techniques, on the other hand, have not been widely studied because ofthe belief that they give poorer results. However, good static branch predictions are invaluable information for (static) compiler optimization or performance estimation. In this paper, we propose performing static branch prediction at the source code level. The assumption is that the source code contains information unavailable at the assembly or machine code level that maybe used for branch prediction. Empirical studies on 14 integer Spec benchmarks indicate that the simple heuristics proposed can be e ective in practice.
W. F. Wong
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Authors W. F. Wong
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