The Space of Cognitive Vision

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The Space of Cognitive Vision
Cognitive vision is an area that is not yet well-defined, in the sense that one can unambiguously state what issues fall under its purview and what considerations do not. Neither is there unequivocal consensus on the right approach to take in addressing these issues -- there isn't a definitive universally-accepted scientific theory with `gaps in understanding' that merely need to be plugged. On the contrary, there are clearly competing viewpoints and many poorly-understood issues (such as the point where vision stops and cognition starts). Depending on how you choose to view or define cognitive vision, there are many points of departure, some based squarely in artificial intelligence and image processing, others in developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience, and others yet in cognitive robotics and autonomous systems theory. This paper is an attempt to sketch a framework within which the complete domain of cognitive vision can be set, a framework that embraces all of...
David Vernon
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Year 2006
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