Space-Time Routing in Ad Hoc Networks

10 years 6 months ago
Space-Time Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
We introduce Space-Time Routing (STR), a new approach to routing in mobile ad hoc networks. In STR, the age of routing state is considered jointly with the distance to the destination. We give a general description of STR, which can accommodate various temporal (age) and spatial (distance) metrics. Our formulation of STR describes a family of routing algorithms, parameterized by a choice of node clock scheme, a neighbor-distance function and a binding spatio-temporal metric which allows the algorithm to compare potential routes taking into account both their age and their distance to the destination. We discuss possible instantiations of a Space-Time Routing protocol. In particular, we review FRESH (FResher Encounter SearcH), a routing algorithm using temporal information only, and GREP (Generalized Route Establishment Protocol), a routing protocol which uses jointly spatial and temporal information about routes. We discuss a third STR algorithm using only physical notions of space and...
Henri Dubois-Ferrière, Matthias Grossglause
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Updated 06 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Henri Dubois-Ferrière, Matthias Grossglauser, Martin Vetterli
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