Sparse Reconstruction Cost for Abnormal Event Detection

10 years 7 months ago
Sparse Reconstruction Cost for Abnormal Event Detection
We propose to detect abnormal events via a sparse reconstruction over the normal bases. Given an over-complete normal basis set (e.g., an image sequence or a collection of local spatio-temporal patches), we introduce the sparse reconstruction cost (SRC) over the normal dictionary to measure the normalness of the testing sample. To condense the size of the dictionary, a novel dictionary selection method is designed with sparsity consistency constraint. By introducing the prior weight of each basis during sparse reconstruction, the proposed SRC is more robust compared to other outlier detection criteria. Our method provides a unified solution to detect both local abnormal events (LAE) and global abnormal events (GAE). We further extend it to support online abnormal event detection by updating the dictionary incrementally. Experiments on three benchmark datasets and the comparison to the state-of-the-art methods validate the advantages of our algorithm.
Yang Cong, Junsong Yuan, Ji Liu
Added 30 Apr 2011
Updated 30 Apr 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where CVPR
Authors Yang Cong, Junsong Yuan, Ji Liu
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