Spatial Clustering of Structured Objects

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Spatial Clustering of Structured Objects
Clustering is a fundamental task in Spatial Data Mining where data consists of observations for a site (e.g. areal units) descriptive of one or more (spatial) primary units, possibly of different type, collected within the same site boundary. The goal is to group structured objects, i.e. data collected at different sites, such that data inside each cluster models the continuity of socio-economic or geographic environment, while separate clusters model variation over the space. Continuity is evaluated according to the spatial organization arising in data, namely discrete spatial structure, expressing the (spatial) relations between separate sites implicitly defined by their geometrical representation and positioning. Data collected within sites that are (transitively) connected in the discrete spatial structure are clustered together according to the similarity on multi-relational descriptions representing their internal structure. CORSO is a novel spatial data mining method that res...
Donato Malerba, Annalisa Appice, Antonio Varlaro,
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ILP
Authors Donato Malerba, Annalisa Appice, Antonio Varlaro, Antonietta Lanza
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