Spatial scene adaptation in broadcast environment

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Spatial scene adaptation in broadcast environment
The heterogeneity of handheld terminals in terms of screen resolution, processing capabilities or available decoding memory is a challenge for multimedia services that have been tackled by many scene adaptation techniques so far. In broadcast environment, the adaptation intelligence must be transmitted along with the content and may induce critical costs that must be minimized. In this paper, we propose a broadcast-friendly adaptation technique of the spatial layout of multimedia content based on the use of incremental scene updates. The advantages of our approach have been evaluated on a T-DMB digital radio service and compared to other adaptation techniques applicable to broadcasted multimedia services. Experimental results show that finegrained spatial adaptation on constrained handheld terminals can successfully be achieved through adaptation scene updates with a limited bandwidth overhead.
Benoît Pellan, Cyril Concolato
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Updated 30 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Benoît Pellan, Cyril Concolato
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