Spatio-Temporal Fusion of Multiple View Video Rate 3D Surfaces

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Spatio-Temporal Fusion of Multiple View Video Rate 3D Surfaces
We consider the problem of geometric integration and representation of multiple views of non-rigidly deforming 3D surface geometry captured at video rate. Instead of treating each frame as a separate mesh we present a representation which takes into consideration temporal and spatial coherence in the data where possible. We first segment gross base transformations using correspondence based on a closest point metric and represent these motions as piecewise rigid transformations. The remaining residual is encoded as displacement maps at each frame giving a displacement video. At both these stages occlusions and missing data are interpolated to give a representation which is continuous in space and time. We demonstrate the integration of multiple views for four different non-rigidly deforming scenes: hand, face, cloth and a composite scene. The approach achieves the integration of multiple-view data at different times into one representation which can processed and edited.
Gordon Collins, Adrian Hilton
Added 13 Oct 2010
Updated 13 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where 3DIM
Authors Gordon Collins, Adrian Hilton
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