Speaker Recognition in Encrypted Voice Streams

10 years 4 months ago
Speaker Recognition in Encrypted Voice Streams
Transmitting voice communication over untrusted networks puts personal information at risk. Although voice streams are typically encrypted to prevent unwanted eavesdropping, additional features of voice communication protocols might still allow eavesdroppers to discover information on the transmitted content and the speaker. We develop a novel approach for unveiling the identity of speakers who participate in encrypted voice communication, solely by eavesdropping on the encrypted traffic. Our approach exploits the concept of voice activity detection (VAD), a widely used technique for reducing the bandwidth consumption of voice traffic. We show that the reduction of traffic caused by VAD techniques creates patterns in the encrypted traffic, which in turn reveal the patterns of pauses in the underlying voice stream. We show that these patterns are speaker-characteristic, and that they are sufficient to undermine the anonymity of the speaker in encrypted voice communication. In an empiric...
Michael Backes, Goran Doychev, Markus Dürmuth
Added 11 Feb 2011
Updated 11 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Michael Backes, Goran Doychev, Markus Dürmuth, Boris Köpf
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