Specifying and enforcing norms in artificial institutions

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Specifying and enforcing norms in artificial institutions
In this paper we investigate two related aspects of the formalization of open interaction systems: how to specify norms, and how to enforce them by means of sanctions. The problem of specifying the sanctions associated with the violation of norms is crucial in an open system because, given that the compliance of autonomous agents to obligations and prohibitions cannot be taken for granted, norm enforcement is necessary to constrain the possible evolutions of the system, thus obtaining a degree of predictability that makes it rational for agents to interact with the system. In our model, we introduce a construct for the definition of norms in the design of artificial institutions, expressed in terms of roles and event times, which, when certain activating events take place, is transformed into commitments of the agents playing certain roles. Norms also specify different types of sanctions associated with their violation. In the paper, we analyze the concept of sanction in detail and pr...
Nicoletta Fornara, Marco Colombetti
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ATAL
Authors Nicoletta Fornara, Marco Colombetti
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