Specifying Business Requirements through Interaction Design

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Specifying Business Requirements through Interaction Design
When the requirements and the interaction design of a system are separated, they will most likely not fit together, and the resulting system will be less than optimal. Even if all the real needs are covered in the requirements and also implemented, errors may be induced by human-computer interaction through a bad interaction design and its resulting user interface. Such a system may even not be used at all. Alternatively, a great user interface of a system with features that are not required will not be very useful as well. This tool demo illustrates joint modeling of (communicative) interaction design and requirements, through a Discourse-based Communication Model consisting of a Discourse Model, a Domain-of-Discourse Model and an Action-notification Model. The concept of such a Discourse Model was derived from results of human communication theories, cognitive science and sociology (even without employing speech or natural language). While these models were originally devised for cap...
Roman Popp, Hermann Kaindl
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Year 2015
Authors Roman Popp, Hermann Kaindl
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