Speculative document evaluation

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Speculative document evaluation
Optimisation of real world Variable Data printing (VDP) documents is a difficult problem because the interdependencies between layout functions may drastically reduce the number of invariant blocks that can be factored out for pre-rasterisation. This paper examines how speculative evaluation at an early stage in a document-preparation pipeline, provides a generic and effective method of optimising VDP documents that contain such interdependencies. Speculative evaluation will be at its most effective in speeding up print runs if sets of layout invariances can either be discovered automatically, or designed into the document at an early stage. In either case the expertise of the layout designer needs to be supplemented by expertise in exploiting potential invariances and also in predicting the effects of speculative evaluation on the caches used at various stages in the print production pipeline. Categories and Subject Descriptors E.1 [Data]: Data Structures Trees; I.7.2 [Document and T...
Alexander J. Macdonald, David F. Brailsford, Steve
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Alexander J. Macdonald, David F. Brailsford, Steven R. Bagley, John Lumley
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