Speed sonic across the span: building a platform audio game

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Speed sonic across the span: building a platform audio game
We describe the design process and initial user study of an audio game created for the visually impaired. Until the advent of 3D graphics games, platform games where the player jumps from platform to platform, such as Mario and Sonic, [1] were wildly popular. Although many audio games have been developed over the past decade, the platform genre has been all but ignored. To fill this gap and to add to the limited choices visually impaired gamers have, we developed a platform game that can be also be played via audio-only interface and compared it to a traditional audio-visual version. Keywords Accessibility, Audio Games, Sonification, User Study, Platform Games ACM Classification Keywords H.5.5. Sound and Music Computing. Research Problem and Motivation Boarding schools exist throughout the United States to provide education for the visually impaired. Teachers and administrators of these schools have bemoaned the fact that visually impaired students have few options to entertain themse...
Michael A. Oren
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Year 2007
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Authors Michael A. Oren
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