Spoken Term Detection Using Visual Spectrogram Matching

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Spoken Term Detection Using Visual Spectrogram Matching
This work proposes a novel spoken term detection technique, where the query is in audio format. Detection and retrieval are performed by matching the spectrograms of the spoken document and query as visual images, using ideas from computer vision. Local descriptors are computed on a dense grid over each spectrogram, and the query term is detected using deformable template matching of grids. Detection experiments are perfomed on an hour-long newscast recording, involving 10 query terms of length 2-3 words. When the query term comes from the document, nearly all other instances of the term in the document are detected; performance degrades when the query is recorded by the user.
Nevena Lazic, Parham Aarabi
Added 31 May 2010
Updated 31 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ISM
Authors Nevena Lazic, Parham Aarabi
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