Stabilizing Peer-to-Peer Spatial Filters

10 years 4 months ago
Stabilizing Peer-to-Peer Spatial Filters
In this paper, we propose and prove correct a distributed stabilizing implementation of an overlay, called DR-tree, optimized for efficient selective dissemination of information. DR-tree copes with nodes dynamicity (frequent joins and leaves) and memory and counter program corruptions, that is, the processes can connect/disconnect at any time, and their memories and programs can be corrupted. The maintenance of the structure is local and requires no additional memory to guarantee its stabilization. The structure is balanced and is of height O(logm(N)), which makes it suitable for performing efficient data storage or search. We extend our overlay in order to support complex content-based filtering in publish/subscribe systems. Publish/subscribe systems provide useful platforms for delivering data (events) from publishers to subscribers in a decoupled fashion in distributed networks. Developing efficient publish/subscribe schemes in dynamic distributed systems is still an open prob...
Silvia Bianchi, Ajoy Kumar Datta, Pascal Felber, M
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Silvia Bianchi, Ajoy Kumar Datta, Pascal Felber, Maria Gradinariu
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