Stable models and circumscription

7 years 11 months ago
Stable models and circumscription
The concept of a stable model provided a declarative semantics for Prolog programs with negation as failure and became a starting point for the development of answer set programming. In this paper we propose a new definition of that concept, which covers many constructs used in answer set programming and, unlike the original definition, refers neither to grounding nor to fixpoints. It is based on a syntactic transformation similar to parallel circumscription. Key words: Answer set programming, Circumscription, Nonmonotonic reasoning, Program completion, Stable models
Paolo Ferraris, Joohyung Lee, Vladimir Lifschitz
Added 12 May 2011
Updated 12 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where AI
Authors Paolo Ferraris, Joohyung Lee, Vladimir Lifschitz
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