The state of artificial intelligence

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The state of artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence has been an active branch of research for computer scientists and psychologists for 50 years. The concept of mimicking human intelligence in a computer fuels the public imagination and has led to countless academic papers, news articles and fictional works. However, public expectations remain largely unfulfilled, owing to the incredible complexity of everyday human behavior. A wide range of tools and techniques have emerged from the field of artificial intelligence, many of which are reviewed here. They include rules, frames, model-based reasoning, case-based reasoning, Bayesian updating, fuzzy logic, multiagent systems, swarm intelligence, genetic algorithms, neural networks, and hybrids such as blackboard systems. These are all ingenious, practical, and useful in various contexts. Some approaches are pre-specified and structured, while others specify only low-level behavior, leaving the intelligence to emerge through complex interactions. Some approaches are ...
Adrian A. Hopgood
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