State-space analysis of Boolean networks

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State-space analysis of Boolean networks
This paper provides a comprehensive framework for the state space approach to Boolean networks. First, it surveys the authors' recent work on the topic: Using semitensor product of matrices and the matrix expression of logic, the logical dynamic equations of Boolean (control) networks can be converted into standard discrete-time dynamics. To use the state space approach, the state space and its subspaces of a Boolean network have been carefully defined. The basis of a subspace has been constructed. Particularly, the regular subspace, friendly subspace, and invariant subspace are precisely defined, and the verifying algorithms are presented. As an application, the indistinct rolling gear structure of a Boolean network is revealed.
Daizhan Cheng, Hongsheng Qi
Added 22 May 2011
Updated 22 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where TNN
Authors Daizhan Cheng, Hongsheng Qi
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