Stateful Group Communication Services

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Stateful Group Communication Services
group multicasts provide a nice abstraction for communicating data reliably among group members and have been used for a variety of applications. In this paper we present Corona, a group communication service for building collaboration tools and reliable data dissemination services in Web-based environments, where clients connect independently of other clients and are not necessarily connected to the group multicast services all the time. The key features of Corona are: (1) the shared state of a group consists of a set of objects shared collectively among group members; (2) Corona supports multiple state transfer policies to accommodate clients with different needs and resources; (3) the communication service provides the current group state or state updates to new clients even when other clients are not available; (4) the service supports persistent groups that tolerate client failures and leaves. We show that the overhead incurred by the multicast service in managing each group'...
Radu Litiu, Atul Prakash
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Radu Litiu, Atul Prakash
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