Static Type Inference for Parametric Classes

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Static Type Inference for Parametric Classes
Method inheritance and data abstraction are central features of objectoriented programming that are attained through a hierarchical organization of classes. Recent studies have shown that method inheritance can be supported by an ML style type inference when extended to labeled records. This is based on the observation that a function that selects a field f of a record can be given a polymorphic type that enables it to be applied to any record which contains a . Several type systems also provide data abstraction through abstract type declarations. However, these two features have not yet been properly integrated in a statically checked polymorphic type system. This paper proposes a static type system that achieves this integration in an ML-like polymorphic language by adding a class construct which allows the programmer to build a hierarchy of classes connected by multiple inheritance declarations. Classes can be parameterized by types allowing “generic” definitions. The type co...
Atsushi Ohori, Peter Buneman
Added 11 Aug 2010
Updated 11 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1989
Authors Atsushi Ohori, Peter Buneman
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