Statistical Attack Resilient Data Hiding

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Statistical Attack Resilient Data Hiding
In this paper, we propose a discrete cosine transform (DCT) based spread spectrum data-hiding algorithm that is resilient to statistical attacks. Unlike other spread spectrum based data-hiding algorithms, the proposed algorithm does not introduce a low-pass filtering effect in the histogram of the stego image. The distance between the center of gravity (CoG) as defined by [14] of the unmarked host and the stego images was reduced by 74% in the proposed algorithm. The proposed algorithm is also resilient against the Chi-Square attack and does not compromise on robustness or capacity to achieve this goal. When compared to the generic block based DCT data-hiding scheme, the proposed algorithm provides a 41% reduction in the relative entropy between the host and stego images. In other words, the proposed algorithm is 41% more secure than generic DCT based data-hiding algorithms when measured in terms of relative entropy. The proposed algorithm also provides statistical resilience again...
Palak K. Amin, Ning Liu, Koduvayur P. Subbalakshmi
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Palak K. Amin, Ning Liu, Koduvayur P. Subbalakshmi
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