Statistical significance of quantitative PCR

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Statistical significance of quantitative PCR
Background: PCR has the potential to detect and precisely quantify specific DNA sequences, but it is not yet often used as a fully quantitative method. A number of data collection and processing strategies have been described for the implementation of quantitative PCR. However, they can be experimentally cumbersome, their relative performances have not been evaluated systematically, and they often remain poorly validated statistically and/or experimentally. In this study, we evaluated the performance of known methods, and compared them with newly developed data processing strategies in terms of resolution, precision and robustness. Results: Our results indicate that simple methods that do not rely on the estimation of the efficiency of the PCR amplification may provide reproducible and sensitive data, but that they do not quantify DNA with precision. Other evaluated methods based on sigmoidal or exponential curve fitting were generally of both poor resolution and precision. A statisti...
Yann Karlen, Alan McNair, Sébastien Persegu
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Authors Yann Karlen, Alan McNair, Sébastien Perseguers, Christian Mazza, Nicolas Mermod
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