Steering in Scale Space to Optimally Detect Image Structures

11 years 15 days ago
Steering in Scale Space to Optimally Detect Image Structures
Detecting low-level image features such as edges and ridges with spatial filters is improved if the scale of the features are known a priori. Scale-space representations and wavelet pyramids address the problem by using filters over multiple scales. However, the scales of the filters are still fixed beforehand and the number of scales is limited by computational power. The filtering operations are thus not adapted to detect image structures at their optimal or intrinsic scales. We adopt the steering approach to obtain filter responses at arbitrary scales from a small set of filters at scales chosen to accurately sample the "scale space" within a given range. In particular, we use the Moore-Penrose inverse to learn the steering coefficients, which we then regress by polynomial function fitting to the scale parameter in order to steer the filter responses continuously across scales. We show that the extrema of the polynomial steering functions can be easily computed to detect i...
Jeffrey Ng, Anil A. Bharath
Added 15 Oct 2009
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ECCV
Authors Jeffrey Ng, Anil A. Bharath
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