The Stochastic Machine Replenishment Problem

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The Stochastic Machine Replenishment Problem
We study the stochastic machine replenishment problem, which is a canonical special case of closed multiclass queuing systems in Markov decision theory. The problem models the scheduling of processor repairs in a multiprocessor system in which one repair can be made at a time and the goal is to maximize system utilization. We analyze the performance of a natural greedy index policy for this problem. We first show that this policy is a 2 approximation by exploring linear queuing structure in the index policy. We then try to exploit more complex queuing structures, but this necessitates solving an infinite-size, non-linear, non-convex, and non-separable function-maximization program. We develop a general technique to solve such programs to arbitrary degree of accuracy, which involves solving a discretized program on the computer and rigorously bounding the error. This proves that the index policy is
Kamesh Munagala, Peng Shi
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where IPCO
Authors Kamesh Munagala, Peng Shi
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