Stop-motion prototyping for tangible interfaces

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Stop-motion prototyping for tangible interfaces
Stop-motion animation brings the constraints of the body, space and materials into video production. Building on the tradition of video prototyping for interaction design, stop motion is an effective technique for concept development in the design of Tangible User Interfaces. This paper presents a framework for stop-motion prototyping and the results of two workshops based on stop-motion techniques including pixillation, claymation and time-lapse photography. The process of stop-motion prototyping fosters collaboration, legibility and rapid iterative design in a physical context that can be useful to the early stages of tangible interaction design. Keywords Stop-motion, Pixillation, Claymation, Animation, Prototyping, Tangible User Interfaces.
Leonardo Bonanni, Hiroshi Ishii
Added 23 Jul 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where TEI
Authors Leonardo Bonanni, Hiroshi Ishii
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