Strategic Deception in Agents

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Strategic Deception in Agents
CHRISTIAN, DAVID B. Strategic Deception in Agents. (Under the direction of Assistant Professor R. Michael Young). Despite its negative ethical connotations, deception is a useful tool for human social interaction, and plays an important role in the process of creating the stories that pervade our popular culture. In this paper, we describe the deception planner, an implementation of a model of strategic deception. Strategic deception is deception performed in order to achieve or enable some higher goal, as opposed to deception that is performed for the sake of deceiving, or for an unstated purpose. Given a model of a deceiver holding ulterior goals, a model of the goals and abilities of a target agent to be deceived, and a model of the relevant pieces of the world, the deception planner generates a set of statements about the current world state which may be either true or false. Those statements are communicated to the target agent, which updates its world state to reflect this new ...
David B. Christian, R. Michael Young
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ATAL
Authors David B. Christian, R. Michael Young
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