Streaming with causality: a practical approach

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Streaming with causality: a practical approach
Highly interactive collaborative streaming applications express the need for causality. Solutions exist but we argue that more work needs to be done especially from a perceptual point of view. The key question is: given the current state of the Internet and the perceptual tolerance of causal desynchronization, does causality make any difference ? This paper proposes a practical answer to this question by comparing different solutions. We support this comparison by producing video results for a live streaming scenario on an experimental platform. Further, this paper proposes a novel approach for handling causality in multimedia and shows that it can perform better than ∆-causality, usually considered the best solution. Categories and Subject Descriptors: Information Interfaces and Presentation H.5.4 Hypertext/Hypermedia: Architectures General Terms: Measurement, Design, Experimentation.
Cezar Plesca, Romulus Grigoras, Philippe Qué
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where MM
Authors Cezar Plesca, Romulus Grigoras, Philippe Quéinnec, Gérard Padiou
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