Streaming Tree Transducers

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Streaming Tree Transducers
We introduce streaming tree transducers as an analyzable and expressive model for transforming hierarchically structured data in a single pass. Given a linear encoding of the input tree, the transducer makes a single left-to-right pass through the input, and computes the linear encoding of the output tree in linear time using a finite-state control, a finite number of string variables, and a visibly pushdown stack. We establish that the model is closed under regular look ahead: allowing the transducer to make decisions based on a regular property of the remaining input suffix does not increase expressiveness. The expressiveness of the model coincides with transductions definable using monadic second-order logic (MSO). Finally, we establish a NExpTime upper bound for checking functional inequivalence of two streaming tree transducers.
Rajeev Alur, Loris D'Antoni
Added 13 May 2011
Updated 13 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where CORR
Authors Rajeev Alur, Loris D'Antoni
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