Structured reservoir computing with spatiotemporal chaotic attractors

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Structured reservoir computing with spatiotemporal chaotic attractors
Abstract. We approach the themes “computing with chaos” and “reservoir computing” in a unified setting. Different neural architectures are mentioned which display chaotic as well as reservoir properties. The architectures share a common topology of close-neighbor connections which supports different types of spatiotemporal dynamics in continuous time. We bring up the role of spatiotemporal structure and associated symmetries in reservoir-mediated pattern processing. Such type of computing is somewhat different from most other examples of reservoir computing. 1 Spatiotemporal chaotic reservoirs Previously we have described the reservoir property in the context of chaotic dynamical systems and pointed out that it is a useful manifestation of chaos’ flexibility in view of computation [1, 2, 3, 4]. The recent developments in reservoir computing research [5, 6, 7] prompted us to recall some of the previous ideas concerning computing with dynamical networks, as well as to prov...
Carlos Lourenço
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Year 2007
Authors Carlos Lourenço
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