Subband encoding of high dynamic range imagery

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Subband encoding of high dynamic range imagery
The transition from traditional 24-bit RGB to high dynamic range (HDR) images is hindered by excessively large file formats with no backwards compatibility. In this paper, we propose a simple approach to HDR encoding that parallels the evolution of color television from its grayscale beginnings. A tone-mapped version of each HDR original is accompanied by restorative information carried in a subband of a standard 24-bit RGB format. This subband contains a compressed ratio image, which when multiplied by the tone-mapped foreground, recovers the HDR original. The tone-mapped image data may be compressed, permitting the composite to be delivered in a standard JPEG wrapper. To naïve software, the image looks like any other, and displays as a tone-mapped version of the original. To HDRenabled software, the foreground image is merely a tone-mapping suggestion, as the original pixel data are available by decoding the information in the subband. We present specifics of the method and the res...
Greg Ward, Maryann Simmons
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where APGV
Authors Greg Ward, Maryann Simmons
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